Chasing the sun to Fitzroy Island

Discovering Fitzroy Island

Australia has been going through an epidemic with all the bush fires, tropical storms and flash flooding. Probably in theory, it wasn’t the best time to travel to the other side of side of the Earth as we had rain forecasts in Cairns. However, we travelled with a bit of an open page when booking our trip, which allowed us to chase the evading sunshine whilst avoiding the grey skies we are so used to back at home in London.

A little bit of research and a lot of praying, we were hoping we were going to find somewhere with good weather, Google weather forecasts helped us came across a little known place called Fitzroy Island.

We did not know what to expect before planning the trip there but we were desperate for a bit of sun, so we booked our Ferry tickets from the Reef terminal in Cairns.

The Ferry was leaving at 10 am and would set anchor at Fitzroy Island for 11 am, so it gave us a nice early start on the island. Our prayers and hopes were answered, the sun was beaming and the sand was hot. It was paradise.

On arrival

After disembarking we ventured off to explore in true exploration style by not following the crowd of people that were also getting off the boat. They were heading towards the restaurant “Foxy’s Bar” and Nudey beach west of the island, we headed east which was a long trek to the lighthouse.

Along our journey we stopped in an abundance of sublime locations, especially for mini photo-shoots, we spent so much time stopping along the way taking pictures in true touristic fashion, #selfie, that we abandoned the idea of getting to the lighthouse.

I’m sure the lighthouse and the views up there would have been nothing short of amazing but the journey was long and we hadn’t even managed to make it a quarter of the way after an hour and half of slow paced walking and taking pictures.

After a million and one (or two) photos we decided to double back to re-energise at Foxy’s Bar, the food was great! Word of warning however, the portions are BIG, it was definitely a case of eyes bigger than our bellies.

Once we were fully refreshed and ready to move on, possibly one stone heavier too, we continued the adventure onto Nudey Beach.

The journey there wasn’t the easiest, the pathway was mostly up uphill (and downhill), through deep forest and a rocky path. We were joined on our travels by a lot of the local wildlife including, cockatoos, lizards and we even encountered or first wild snake, luckily it was only a small one!

Nudey Beach.

Once we finally made it through the forest, we arrived at Nudey Beach, the long uphill journey was worth it.

The beach was beautiful, the sea was crystal clear, the weather was amazing and it was extremely quiet. The perfect location and exactly what we were in search for – a peaceful haven.

The only thing that could ruin our day would be a jelly fish! Luckily we didn’t come across any.

The whole island is instagram worthy, this is my current screen saver on my phone. Take us back!

7 Top things to do and see on Fitzroy Island

  1. Visit the Turtle Sanctuary, where they help rehabilitate injured turtles back into the wild.
  2. Trek to the Lighthouse, or attempt to and get distracted like we did.
  3. Snorkel around the island and see so many fish species, we saw a few baby black fin sharks, cue Baby Shark theme tune…
  4. Stay at the resort on the island, it looks amazing with views over the beach.
  5. Visit Nudey Beach, don’t worry it’s not a nude beach…
  6. Take a helicopter tour of the island, so many great views from above.
  7. Water sports, there are numerous water sports available on the island.
Swim up to and bounce on this floating trampoline.

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2 thoughts on “Chasing the sun to Fitzroy Island

  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous there! I’d have to stay at the resort for at least a night I think haha. Any idea what the origin of the name Nudey beach is? You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a nude beach given the name!

    1. Yeah if we had done a bit more research before we visited I think we would have stayed the night too! We were just chasing the sun and ended up here, thankfully!

      Yeah I don’t think it lives up to its name in that sense but none the less a fantastic beach, named Australia best beach back in 2017.

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