Sunrise at Cape Byron Lighthouse

Sunrise motivation

Its five thirty in the morning. The alarm goes off as loud as an emergency service siren. I wake up dazed, on the other side of the bed on the other side of the world! My body clock is scrambled, not knowing whether it’s day or night due to the jet-lag. However, sleepiness wasn’t going to stop me. The destination,

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse sits on Australia’s most easterly point, shining a light over Byron Bay. The views from this vantage point are pretty incredible to say the least, offering panoramic views of both Clarkes Beach and Tallow Beach.

Iconic Tourist Attraction

The Lighthouse is one of Byron Bay’s most visited locations, even as early as 6.15am! Byron Bay locals start their day early so there’s no doubt you will see morning strollers, joggers, yoga enthusiast , dog walkers out at early times of the morning.
A sunrise like no other. The glaze of the sunrise onto the chalk white lighthouse caused a purple aura in the skies, just like a scene from a movie.

Iconic Wildlife

On our visit to the lighthouse we were joined by one of Australia’s iconic animals, the Wallaby. It hopped over to us gracefully and I managed to get a close up shot of it midway through a delicious snack of the local greenery. It was so cute my girlfriend wanted to take it home with us. Not sure it would have fit in our suitcases, and it probably wouldn’t like the cold weather we have either.

7 Facts about the lighthouse
  1. Because the lighthouse has such a high vantage point (94 meters above sea level), it was’t necessary to make the lighthouse extremely tall (22 meters).
  2. You can book a lighthouse tour which takes about 20 mins where you can go to the top of the lighthouse for stunning panoramic 360 degree views. The tours run daily from 10 am-3 pm, it’s free but they do accept donations.
  3. You are able to hire the lighthouse out for events, it would be a fantastic wedding location, that’s for sure.
  4. There are many whale, dolphin and turtle watching groups and tours that visit there, remember to bring your binoculars.
  5. The lighthouse took approximately 2 years to build and the construction was completed in 1901.
  6. There is parking available but can be very limited, it costs $8 per vehicle.
  7. There are facilities available at the lighthouse which include: Cafe/kiosk, information centre, toilets, picnic tables and a car park.
Bottom of the cliff where the lighthouse stands.

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