Insane Street art in Melbourne

Melbourne is a city that was built on innovation and expressing creativity.
To put it in perspective how important, the state government spends millions of Australian Dollars every year to strengthen Victoria’s status as a creative state.
Last year, Creative Victoria launched a $225.5 million over four years strategy to boost the state’s output in everything from film and TV to design and art. The budget can be found here.

There are many streets that are famous for their street art!
If you’re planning a visit, be sure to visit some of the main streets:
AC/DC Lane, Hosier Lane, Caledonian Lane, Croft Alley, Duckboard Place, Rankins Lane and Stevenson Lane.

Definitely try check out as many as you can as they’re all so cool and unique!

Don’t forget to snap a cheeky Instagram selfie or two, or even 10!

Been before? Thinking about going?
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Here’s some of our snaps;

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