The Best of Cornwall, Tintagel

The Best of Cornwall, Tintagel

What happens when you book a holiday to the Caribbean to celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday but a global pandemic comes along? You enjoy the beauties of your hometown – and that’s exactly what we done. Who knew the UK had such beautiful landscapes to offer!

Tintagel in Cornwall is certainly among the most beautiful places to visit in the UK, it even gave us the summer holiday we were afraid we may have missed out on. Not only does it offer beauty and views you’d not expect to find within the UK, it has a famous history behind it.

It is home to Tintagel Castle which is the alleged birthday place of non other than King Arthur himself. You can also find Merlins Cave and Camelot’s Castle. Tintagel Castle is part of English-Heritage and to gain access you need to book in advance, which you can do here.

Below is some of the shots we took from our visit.

We stayed at the spectacular Camelot Castle Hotel, which is located overlooking the indulging Cornish cliffs and coastline. We would highly recommend a stay here.
Find out more here

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