The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is Australia’s version of America’s “Route 66” or Scotland’s “North Coast 500”, its never-ending views will leave you mesmerised at every corner of its winding road. The Great Ocean Road is an Australian National Heritage listed 243-kilometre (151 mi) stretch of road along the south-eastern coast of Australia. Built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932 andContinue reading “The Great Ocean Road”

The Largest Castle in Wales

The story behind Caerphilly Castle… What’s your inspiration? For Caerphilly Castle, the inspiration was the fear of a Welsh prince (guessimg that wasn’t your answer). Not just your average Welsh prince, but the all mighty Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffudd was the reason why Caerphilly is home to the breathtaking castle. Although Prince Llywelyn ap GruffuddContinue reading “The Largest Castle in Wales”

Birthday Weekend Break in Switzerland & France

20-22 December 2019 Day 1 – Geneva, Switzerland The motive for this getaway, celebrate my girlfriend’s dad’s birthday.Birthdays in late December can be a blessing and a curse. We took it as a blessing as it gave us all the opportunity to truly get into the Christmas spirit and visit the cutest Christmas market we’veContinue reading “Birthday Weekend Break in Switzerland & France”

Surprised my Girlfriend with a Trip Abroad – She had no Idea!

Surpriseee!! Have you ever been surprised with something as spontaneous as a trip abroad? Well I decided to surprise my girlfriend with exactly that by booking a random 1 DAY RETURN TRIP to Milan. (Managed to get all the way to the boarding gate before she figured out where we were going, good thing IContinue reading “Surprised my Girlfriend with a Trip Abroad – She had no Idea!”

Hallgrimskirkja Church – Reykjavík

When visiting Reykjavík you have to visit Hallgrimskirkja church during the evenings, as they usually have an incredible light show performance that are simply too fascinating and colourful to miss! The lightshow runs through a series of different video clips and effects with eerie soundtracks. The duration of the shows are approximately 5 minutes andContinue reading “Hallgrimskirkja Church – Reykjavík”