Camelot Castle, Tintagel

Queen Room with Sea View4 out of 5 stars It was my girlfriends birthday so I wanted to surprise her by taking her away to somewhere so unique and out of the norm. After a few hours of scouring the internet to find such place, I came across Camelot Castle in Tintagel. Not only isContinue reading “Camelot Castle, Tintagel”

Surprised my Girlfriend with a Trip Abroad – She had no Idea!

Surpriseee!! Have you ever been surprised with something as spontaneous as a trip abroad? Well I decided to surprise my girlfriend with exactly that by booking a random 1 DAY RETURN TRIP to Milan. (Managed to get all the way to the boarding gate before she figured out where we were going, good thing IContinue reading “Surprised my Girlfriend with a Trip Abroad – She had no Idea!”